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Thanks for visiting Rug Pads For Less, home of the largest selection of rug pads for less on the web. We carry an assortment of rug pads from name brands, including Mohawk, Shaw, MSM, and other major suppliers in the industry. We make sure we source the best materials from premium manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. We offer a huge selection of name brand rug pads that are designed to anchor your rugs and protect your floors. Our rug pads are made to last and you will find that they do last! Most oriental rug pads are manufactured overseas. With that comes a rug pad made with low cost plasticizers. This substance promotes plasticity and flexibility to reduce brittleness. Most of these overseas pads are never tested for potentially toxic materials such as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Most pads come with a limited warranty or no warranty at all. These pads will not stain or mark your hardwood floors. When was the last time you looked at your rug pad? It’s possible you found that it had deteriorated over time. Not with our pads. They last a long time and will make your rug last longer too. Big box store retailers don’t offer quality rug pads for Oriental rugs. When you buy an oriental rug you are making a big investment and you should protect that investment as best you can. You will live in a safer, cleaner and greener environment with our pads. Your rugs and floors will benefit from the dense protection, your home will benefit from cleaner air and your family will benefit from extra natural comfort. We test all of our rug pads to make sure they are safe for your floors even the glossiest finished floors. Please feel free to give us a call if you are unsure which rug pad to purchase. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. Most Persian rugs come in unusual sizes so we make sure that our pads are cut fresh from the factory after every order. They are custom all the way. For an odd sized rug, don’t worry because we will cut everything to the size you request. There will be no fuss on your end, just unroll and place under your carpet. Our rug pads are only folded and packaged during the shipping, no stubborn fold marks or creases.The majority of our rug pads are made in USA. Pads manufactured overseas are tested and tested to ensure quality. We want our pads to be safe for your home and your floors. ¬Our rug pads come in a wide range of materials; including felt, natural rubber and bio bases polymers. All of our pads are 100% safe for your floors and finishes. Our pads are tested and approved for hardwood floors. Some pads will work better with certain rugs. That’s why we are here to answer all those types of questions for you. It is important to wait 2-4 weeks after refinishing your floors before you put any pads down on the floors. Our staff is here to help. Look on our website to find the type of flooring you have and each pad will be described in that section. We offer a large variety of pads so you will be sure to find the one that is most suitable for your home. At rug pads for less, we offer free shipping, free returns, and free custom cutting on most of our rug pads. Certain precut sizes are kept in original packaging to keep costs down and pass savings onto our customers. Free Shipping - we offer free shipping to the continental USA. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will have an additional 20% charge. Free Returns – We offer free returns on all rug pads, including custom cut rug pads. Given our relatively low rate of returns. Top Tier Customer service - We know its difficult to choose the right rug pad. Let our experts help you. We paired up with flooring manufactures around the USA to test which pads